Stop Hiding Behind The Fat™ – Become the YOU You’ve
Always Known You Could Be!
JoLynn Braley, CMNP, The F.A.T. Release Coach, mentors
spiritual, high-achieving, six-figure female business
owners who want a body that matches their outstanding
business success so that they feel confident and excited to get out
from behind the computer and Be Seen!
They realize the high cost of not Being Seen – for example, they aren’t using
video to market their biz because they are feeling “too fat for the camera” –
they are Hiding Behind The Fat, and the computer! These smart, successful
women feel an urgent desire for a body that matches what they‘ve already
achieved in their business so that they can go to the next level…in their
business, and their life…and do it all without that endless struggle with food
and their weight.
Because they ARE such smart and fabulously successful women, they feel
even more frustrated that they have not been able to solve their food and
weight challenges permanently on their own. They often ask themselves,
“Since I’m so smart and successful with my biz, why can’t I get this weight
issue under control?!” The truth is, it’s not their fault: none of us can see past
our own blind spots, which is why all Olympic athletes and high-achievers
have a mindset mentor.
JoLynn empowers and mentors her clients through her step-by-step proven
System to permanent weight loss and maintenance to become an Inner Match
to the body they desire on the outside. Once you become the YOU on the inside
that matches the body (and the life!) you desire on the outside, then it’s easy to
take the necessary actions to achieve permanent weight loss.
JoLynn is passionate about her work because she knows exactly what it
feels like to be stuck in frustration and struggle with your weight and turn
to food in an attempt to soothe the fears of really going for it in your business…
or any other area of your life. She also knows the joy of releasing
those fears and the fat after going from a size 12 to an 8 in only 2 months in
2010, maintaining a size 8 all throughout the toughest time of the year (the
holiday season) without deprivation, dieting, or struggle, and then maintaining
a size 6 since February, 2011.
As a certified Master NLP Practitioner and coach, JoLynn utilizes her Master
level NLP skills (along with the powerful foundation of the law of attraction
and her own intuitive abilities), to mentor her clients with a combination of
practical directness, accountability, and compassion to Stop Hiding Behind
The Fat™ – not only with their body, but in all areas of their life, since how
they feel about their body goes with them everywhere! They learn exactly
how to release their F.A.T. (Fear Attracting Thoughts) so that they can release
the physical fat…without struggle!
Once JoLynn’s clients are empowered, out of their own way, and feel good
in their own skin, then they are able to soar in their business, their relationships,
their spiritual connection, and of course…with their body!
To learn more about JoLynn and how YOU can become the YOU you’ve always
known you could be, grab your complimentary subscription to her
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