John V. Sullivan: Executive Vice President / Co Owner
John Sullivan is the Executive Vice President at Delta
Computer Group. John has a long history of accomplishments
in the industry, including being awarded IT Salesman
of the Year and many other honors from various leading IT industry
groups. Having joined Delta Computer Services in September 1997 after
serving as Senior Vice President of Sales at US Computer Group for a decade,
John Sullivan has reshaped Delta’s sales force objective to focus on a
consultative approach to the many IT needs of their customers. In addition
to his vital role in leading the direction of Delta Computer Group sales team,
John is committed to the continued development of Delta Computer Group’s
overall full service infrastructure.
Mr. Sullivan’s overriding strategy to success is customer focus, and he insists
that to maintain continued long term relationships and sales growth,
Delta Computer Group must provide alert sensitivity to customer needs. He
describes the philosophy in this way, “We must execute on the immediate
needs of our customers, but at the same time develop long term strategies
to ensure that our client’s capabilities remain effective.” It is this commitment
to long term customer satisfaction and responsiveness that has
fostered and realized the sales achievements of the Delta Computer Group.