John Stuckenschneider is a successful motivational speaker, author,
seminar leader, and certified Life Success© coach. He is the
founder of several companies. Real Success Investments, LLC
was founded by John as a resource designed to match singlefamily
homes with financially-challenged home buyers.
Creative Wealth Solutions, LLC was co-founded by John to help retirees and people
approaching retirement age with 100% safe investment and wealth transfer options.
John is also the founder of Think Into Success, LLC, a company dedicated to providing
the very best in personal development resources, seminars, and programs. Having
been personally mentored and certified by Bob Proctor, of the movie “The Secret”,
as one of Bob’s Life Success© Consultants, John became aware of a greater purpose
for his life. He became aware of the real power of the life-changing information as it
created new results in his own life. John had just began a new career in sales, coming
from a 14 year background in Law Enforcement, and through applying what he had
learned from Bob, had been experiencing extraordinary success. Within two years of
beginning his new sales career he became the highest producing representative in an
organization of 1500 salespeople.
His new purpose and mission became to share what he’s learned and experienced
with as many people as possible to give them the skills and tools to change their own
lives as well.
John’s grasp of the techniques and strategies which maximize human potential,
gleaned from Bob’s more than 50 years in the personal development industry, make
him a valuable contributor to any corporate workshop or training event.
Available Life Success© workshops and live events include You Were Born Rich,
Mission In Commission, The Goal Achiever, The Success Puzzle, A Winner’s Image,
and the Thinking Into Results Corporate Training Workshop. In addition to the
live versions of these events presented by John, these programs as well as others
are available in audio and video formats for individual or group use. Personalized
coaching is also available. For more information, as well as John’s latest Free Offer,
please go to: