John Rutkowski has successfully launched, operated and
managed four businesses so far in his business career. While
the types of businesses might seem unrelated, they have all
dealt with building solutions for a client’s problems.
He has the knack for seeing the flaw in a pile of perfection. But
then again, it’s not perfect.
His education started with a lot of family travel. While he never moved from the family
home, he had visited most of the lower 48 states before high school. “Travel exposes
you to new ideas, culture and thinking.”
At the University of Virginia he studied Architecture, following in the family business,
but ended up with a BS in Commerce. “I was the long-haired hippy in the business
school.” But that led him to be the first in his class to have a job offer before graduation.
John founded BOLDER Designs in 1986 with the then new solution of CAD software
for Architects and Engineers. Being that such clients need to collaborate, he built up
his business around the networking of such clients and provided solutions to their
growing Branch Office and Remote Worker needs. Hence this chapter in the book.
It is said that you become the people you hang out with, John is proud to be a
contributor along with the other authors of this book. He has grown through their
contributions to the book and looks forward to writing another one with them.
John has spoken nationally at numerous technology events, giving keynotes on how
to transform and grow your business.
You can connect with John at:
[email protected]