John Killcommons is an IT Expert and entrepreneur
whose professional goal is to build lasting relationships
and to coach and train others to become experts.
John’s clientele ranges from small medical groups to a
Fortune 500 company, primarily focused in the greater
Bethpage areas.
John’s dedication to innovation is shown by his Patent for modifying and
routing DICOM examination files (US: 11/6277779) which are used everyday
in the medical industry. This has been directly tied with work he has done
with his brother to design and develop products for MedWeb. John also is
a leader in setting direction for the Medical and communication industry
and provides support for the reliability, security, quality and affordability
that makes PixelRiver and Medweb the industry standard for distributed
telemedicine and teleradiology solutions.
John graduated from SUNY Maritime with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering
and a U.S. Coast Guard Third Assistants Engineers License for any steam
or motor vessel in any ocean. After graduation, John took a job with Exxon
Shipping Company until1996, leaving as a First Assistant Engineer and
traveling the globe. John secured a position with MCI Local Service as
Technical consultant where he helped to build out 90 local phone markets
following the telecom act of 1996.
John held a number of positions with MCI, WCOM, VzB and lead teams of
engineers to build out the largest VoIP network of its time generating $1.2
billion for MCI. John was the director of professional services for NightFire
– a small Oakland, CA company that developed a business rule validation
platform with service provider interface which allowed all CLECs to place
orders with all the major ILECs. The platform would validate the ordering
process for number ports and facility-based services.
During his extensive professional career, John also took time to help
develop a few private businesses, including Nexsys Electronics, Inc,
Medweb, PixelRiver Technology, LLC, and RadiologyRecords, LLC. These
diverse and very successful businesses provided a number of software
and IT solutions to both private companies and governments around the world.
John has recently turned his passion and experience with building technology
businesses to areas of personal interest – most notably,
providing high end VoIP solutions and conferencing, and SportsFoundation
Development Group to support the consulting requirements of the
Learn more about John at: