John J. Lennon grew up in the Delaware Valley, just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He found a passion for helping others and entrepreneurship at a young age. This passion led him to become an Eagle Scout, which less than 7% of all Boy Scouts achieve. Transcending his passion for helping others into community outreach, John has served more than 10 years with several fire companies near his hometown. He currently resides in Boyertown, Pennsylvania, with his wife Shari and enjoys traveling, exploring and volunteering.
Shortly after graduating from the University of Dayton with a B.S. degree, John began his career in the financial and criminal investigation fields. He specialized in accounting and criminal justice, and started working as an agent for the government. Located in the Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. areas, he was assigned to special teams that resolved congressional inquiries while working for the Office of the Inspector General.
Making the transition to private industry, John continued to hone his skills in the financial industry and found his true calling- to open his own office. And in 2001, John opened the College Planning Center, now headquartered in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, to address the overwhelming need to educate parents on the college process and successfully getting ALL of their kids through college (in the most timely manner). John has researched and developed an extensive knowledge about the college financial aid system, to best serve his clients by giving advice and strategies that most parents don’t think about or have access to when saving for and paying for college. More information about the College Planning Center is available at
Trying to reach people further, John used his accumulated knowledge on strategizing the college finances to author a book called, “There is Really No Reason to Pay Too Much for College!” which is a guide for readers on making better choices when paying for college. In addition, John is an active member on several companies’ Board of Directors, where he is able to share his business acumen and experience.
Johns regards it a privilege and pleasure to work with families, who are concerned about getting their kids through college in the most affordable manner. By assisting families with their college financial plans, John can still hold true to his passion of helping people and empower others to protect their hard-earned savings from the market and Uncle Sam.