John “Hutch” Hutchinson ChFC, CLU, EA is President of Balanced Plan Financial. He specializes in helping entrepreneurs and high-income earners make deliberate financial choices considering the impact to their holistic situation. John takes a very educational approach with clients, boiling down complex
financial strategies to simple concepts, stories, and sketches they can easily understand.

John’s family situation gave him a special affinity for empowering business owners in the realm of financial planning and stewardship of capital. He was called to this niche of planning having watched his father’s life’s work as a successful entrepreneur come unraveled due to a premature death and a lack of proper planning. With his father in mind, John decided to join the financial services industry with the intention of building a more client-friendly model. He was given the opportunity to work as part of a major financial company’s advanced planning team. Not wanting bias to taint his advice, John eventually left that opportunity to create his own boutique-planning firm not aligned with any particular financial institution.

John understands that a business owner’s best rate of return will almost always come from within their business where they have more access, knowledge, and control. That said, he works with clients to grow their assets being mindful of principal protection, tax efficiency, and layers of asset protection. He often uses strategies employed by major corporate institutions, but rarely found in the small business arena. Strategies implemented today are designed with the client’s endgame in mind by positioning for favorable distribution of assets and disposition of their businesses.

John lives in San Clemente, California with his wife of 11 years, whom he met in elementary school, and they have three daughters together. When not servicing clients, John enjoys biking and going on travel adventures with his family as well as playing tennis, golf, and stand-up paddle boarding.