John Hine is a Life and Business Strategist who is passionate about people and works closely with professional high performance business owners who want to grow their businesses and improve the quality of their lives. John has a long-standing career in the arena of professional martial arts, business and personal
development. Through his 1-to-1 coaching, classes, workshops and presentations, he has impacted in excess of 120,000 people to live more successful and happier lives.
Through working with John, his clients learn how to not only significantly increase their income, but also develop a powerful success mindset required to achieve their dreams and goals.
As founder of 4 Steps to Success (, John creates simple-to-use programs for high performance entrepreneurs, runs seminars and workshops, 1-to-1 consulting and presentations.
John Hine’s agent recently acquired a publishing deal with CelebrityPress® to co- author a book with world famous Personal Development guru, Brian Tracy.
John is also an author of two books, five eBooks, and his psychology and health- based coaching articles have been published in over 30 national and international publications. These include Psychologies, Start your Own Business, Winning Edge, Business Now, Better Business magazine, Making money, European CEO, Health & Fitness and many more.
John has also taught leading politicians in the Houses of Parliament in London “Mindfulness in Movement.”
John’s ability, training and background has enabled him to learn, not just about himself, but also about life and how to survive and thrive. Using his extensive training not only in High Performance Business, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, NLP and Mindfulness, but also Martial Arts and Tai Chi, he manages to bring humanity, practicality and integrity to his people-centred solutions coaching.
John has the ability to simplify and reduce problems down to their component parts. He fuses together both his formal training and personal experiences to bring clarity and understanding to those he helps. He has spent much of his life studying Tai Chi
and Chinese Martial Arts under several masters and experts. John is a Tai Chi and Martial Arts Practitioner and runs a network of schools and academies.
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