John is the founder and president of Mastermind Business Alliance. For the past two decades, John has not only been a professional star in the health club industry, he has also been a personal growth and development junky.

With his 20 plus years of training under the best in the personal growth industry, including Bob Proctor, Mastermind Business Alliance is different in that John doesn’t just provide networking for his members. He has infused 20 minutes of personal growth and development, and
20 minutes of masterminding into his seminars and meetings.

With the goal of taking this program nationally and internationally, John wants to reach 200,000 members in the next 10 years.

This is a lofty goal, but with just his first 20 members, investors were so impressed that he was given $100,000 in investment capital. Now his funding is well over $400,000 and growing. “I knew I was going to be getting into joint ventures, but I didn’t think I could raise that kind of money in such a short time,” he boasts.

Escano, a Licensed LifeSuccess Consultant, is so proud of the new MBA program he designed that he calls it “The New Degree for Success.” With networking, inspirational education, and planting the seeds for meaningful relationships, John is poised to help thousands grow their business and improve their lives.

His meetings and seminars are not his only outlet to reach the masses. John is currently co-authoring a book, “Close the Gap Between Knowing and Doing.” This inspirational book will address secrets for lasting change that will help create action from knowledge.

He was recently identified in USA Today as a top business leader in America and as a “Game Changer” in today’s business world. He was also featured on the “America’s Premier Experts” TV program.

Escano is grateful for all the gifts life has blessed him with, so he organized the nonprofit Young Parents Mastermind Group. Having gone through the struggle of being a young parent himself at the age of 18, John knows the doubt this age group faces internally and from a judging world.

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