John D. Eberley has been active in the health and fitness
field for thirty years. In his teens, John was a nationally
ranked (amateur) bodybuilder. During this time he was
fascinated by the ability to physically transform the body
through exercise and diet. John noted how his adult
gym peers were so much more physically active and younger, compared to
‘other’ adults of similar age. These early experiences set the stage for a keen
understanding of the importance of FITNESS.
In 1987, John lost his mother to a three-year battle with cancer. This was by
far the single biggest influence on the direction his life would take. His passion
for “bodybuilding” shifted to fitness and identifying the lifestyles and behaviors
that help or hinder human health, wellness and performance.
During the next decade, these insights were tested as John endured several
personal challenges. John’s renaissance came when he turned his focus and
intensity towards uncovering the truth found in scientifically based research
and natural laws. He then began applying this knowledge and insight to
fitness, nutrition, stress-reduction, and recovery.
In January 2011, John introduced the culmination of his work (so far) with,
The “New” Health Care paradigm at FUSION- Human Development &
Performance Corporation in Calgary, Alberta. Pro athlete or ‘all star’ soccer
mom – this unique approach and proprietary training methods help get their
clients off the bench and back in the game.
As Founder and President of FUSION- Human Development & Performance
Corporation, John continues to guide and inspire others in his revolutionary
understanding of fitness, health and healing of the whole self.
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