Joel Sangerman is a dedicated professional in the field of healthcare
economics. He began investing in real estate as an asset
diversification strategy in the 1990’s. In 1997 Joel formed DMC
Equities, Inc. and began buying and selling properties in Chicago
with later expansion to Las Vegas. Closing his first $10 million in
real estate deals using many different types of purchase and sale
methods refined his expertise across several different investment strategies. Being
interviewed for blockbuster real estate educational courses and being included as a
contributing author in Trendsetters are great honors, given his approach to real estate
investing has been secondary to an exciting corporate career. In the spirit of what
Joel calls “personal bandwidth” he is currently applying some of the same creative
business skills honed in the real estate arena to the pursuit of improving the nation’s
healthcare delivery system. Joel is one of many dynamic leaders participating in the
national discussion on healthcare payment reforms that will revolutionize healthcare
delivery in the USA over the next few years. This dual passion for career and entrepreneurial
pursuit is what drives Joel’s success in both endeavors.
Being able to operate successfully on a part-time basis is one of the major benefits
of adding real estate investment to a portfolio of life activities. Joel has counseled
hundreds of friends, colleagues, and contacts on developing the multi-tasking ability
to accomplish real estate success without compromising careers or involvement in
other passions. Joel offers specialized coaching to new real estate investors with a
no-nonsense approach. On a larger and less personal scale, Joel is a highly-engaging
public speaker taking the podium at various real estate investment conferences and
healthcare industry meetings.
For a limited time, several bonuses are available to readers of “TRENDSETTERS”
who may desire help in the following areas:
Setting up self-directed IRAs and opportunities for low-risk, high-yielding real estate
Not-for-profit groups and organizations may inquire about booking ‘no fee’ speaking
No charge consultations on real estate matters may be scheduled on a limited basis.
There is tremendous need throughout the country for homeowners to get competent
help navigating the process of selling their homes as a “short sale” or in modifying
existing loans to be more affordable. This is a highly specialized area of real estate
that is evolving and ever-changing. Joel will take a personal interest in helping homeowners
needing this sort of help.
Joel is authoring a new “reality” book and DVD series and is recruiting participants.
Inquiries from “Trendsetters” readers about participating in this exciting and unique
project are welcome.
Please feel free to contact Joel directly through his website at:
or via email at: [email protected]. Live assistance may be obtained at