Given the opportunity to study a wide variety of techniques with healers from around the world by age eleven, by the age of seventeen Jo owned multiple businesses which included her practicing and teaching Psi-Quanta healing. From the people she taught in her time this has split into many other names,
techniques, and disciplines. She has been a business owner for over thirty years, a Social Entrepreneur for more than 20 years, an author, a Martial Artist, a full time parent, and the list goes on.
Jo continues to practice life in the NOW. She avidly keep’s herself updated on the most important industry and life knowledge. This includes investing in people who are ready to invest in themselves.
When she is working with people her focus is on their goals, lives, and process of creating their dreams. Jo uses over thirty years of personal experience, and expertise from owning multiple businesses which have provided the tools of success.
If you require access to all the tools you need, an effective and proven format to apply them and you are ready to make it happen, make an appointment; ask for Jo at:
[email protected]