Jimmy Ocean is known as the most sought after personal power expert in the dating and relationship arena. He is famous for helping men and women attract and sustain fulfilling relationships. His personal mission is to empower men, liberate women and build bridges between the two.
As an international award-winning recording artist, Jimmy Ocean seemingly had it all, but like so many talented artists, he struggled with a feeling of disconnectedness and isolation. Rather than allow himself to spiral downward, Jimmy went on a personal quest to master love and life.
Having undergone extensive training by IPEC, Tony Robbins, Lauren Mackler, David Deida and participated in the Hoffman Process and the Mankind Project, Jimmy is now a certified professional dating and relationship coach and creator of “The Polarity Method.”
Jimmy’s dating and relationship coaching career is focused on his philosophy that: “To win in life, you must win in love.” His goal is to help his clients to step fully into their own power and maximize their Mojo. This way they can naturally and sustainably attract new qualities of relationship and connection.
Jimmy is the founder of NewMacho, a podcast dedicated to redefining masculinity for the 21st century. Jimmy also functions as the Male Expert Coach at DatingWithDignity, a site dedicated to helping women find the love of their lives. Jimmy has also won numerous awards in the music and new media world and has been quoted in Headliner, Knowledge and DJ Magazine.
You can connect with Jimmy at: