Years ago, Jim Stacey looked at his skills and his desire to be successful. He accurately envisaged what people would need in the realm of furniture repair and antique restoration. He later expanded that to complete wood exterior and interior restorations. He started as The Furniture Doctor and became The Wood Doctor.
Jim took his hobby to a business level. He later took his skills to television, where he made over 100 local shows in the Detroit area and later became The 21st Century Wood Doctor on public television. He succeeded in business by using the principles listed in the chapter.
Jim Stacey worked for major corporations, major universities, and countless homeowners all around Lower Michigan. But his success was no accident. The seven principles that he shared were used to gain that success. You too can use these principles to get to the top of your field of expertise, and stay there.
Even in tough times, Jim was never without work. And now, in retirement, he still has people calling him after more than ten years since he last worked for them. If he can, he still works for those that he enjoyed working for the most.