Jim S. Caudill, DMD, PSC, has had a life-long relation- ship with the dental industry, getting his first taste of working alongside a professional dentist in high school. Jim always liked working with his hands and helping others, so it wouldn’t surprise anyone who knows himthat he has been in charge of his own practice in Hazard, KY since 1975.
The slogan on Jim’s Website is “Cowards Love Us,” as he prides himself on making patients feel comfortable and unafraid of checkups and dental treatment.

In addition to being in the dental field all his adult life, Jim is proud to be a resident of Kentucky for just as long, graduating from the prestigious University of Kentucky College of Dentistry in 1974.

Unlike most established doctors, Jim is never satisfied with the status quo and has taken post-graduate courses in numerous fields, including ortho- dontics, Lumineers, Invisalign, Implants, and periodontics – focusing on treating gum disease. He has added a new laser technique into his practice to treat gum disease, and is one of the few dentists in Kentucky to incorpo- rate this new method.

One of the main reasons Jim decided to try the new laser treatment is his concern for his patients and helping people. The well-being of others is a top priority within his practice, so when he heard of the benefits that this new treatment could provide for periodontal disease, he jumped at the opportunity to give it a try.

“We’ve had patients that come in with bleeding gums, and they try the laser,” he said. “The next time they come to us, their gums aren’t bleeding anymore. So, we have had favorable reviews from the treatment.”

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