Jim Bernardi has been recognized as “The Consummate Fixed
Operations Expert by Automotive Executives Worldwide.” He has
more than 35 years of experience in fixed operations recruiting,
training, management and marketing. He has been a contributing
author in several automotive magazines for many years and is
the Founder and Publisher of Automotive Dealers Network.
Jim continues to travel the globe educating dealers and manufacturers on the
importance of sales in fixed-operations management for his training company:
AutoPro Training Solutions. When he is not training a dealer group or a dealership,
you will find him as a guest speaker at many dealer 20 Group meetings.
He offers real-world solutions to dealers and manufacturers in more than 49 countries
worldwide. He is always looking to better serve the franchised automotive world. He
continues to offer a three-day comprehensive fixed-operations performance review
to dealers nationwide and performs these reviews personally.