Nieman Picerno is a network marketer! One of her
major “whys” is that she wants to continue to be a stayat-
home mom for her teenage daughters, and later in
her life travel the world with them when they have their
own families. She enjoys creating memories that will
last beyond a lifetime—to her, creating incredible memories is what life
is all about! She also wants her girls to have total financial freedom and
time flexibility in the future, which her business can create for them. She
owns a network marketing travel business, in which she loves helping other
people realize their dreams. She is rewarded when she watches them grow
from who they were to who they become after they make their personal
development and network marketing training a high priority in their lives. Jill
has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. She went to school and became
a Certified Public Accountant so that she could run her own business out of
her home when she had little ones to care for. Being a stay-at-home mom
has always been one of her goals in life, and she’s proud that she was
able to accomplish this and continues to do so today. She loves network
marketing, as it allows her to spend time with her girls, to be learning new
things all the time, to be around positive, upbeat people and to be able to
visit new places around the world. She knows that she is a very lucky lady!
Jill Nieman Picerno
10940 S. Parker Rd, Ste. 472
Parker, CO 80134
[email protected]
“Where Dreams Become Memories”