Jill Klunk is a home-based business woman who specializes in blogging and attraction marketing. A baby boomer raised in Warren, MI, Jill has worked all over the US as a manager and realtor, achieving recent success and finding her niche while finding homes for retirees.
From humble beginnings as shelf stocker, Jill was either promoted or sought better jobs, eventually becoming a Logistics Manager. She started in retail stores but many years later was handling leases for the US Department of State. While working full-time, she earned a degree in Business Administration from Indiana Institute of Technology in 1995.
Then in 2005, Jill moved to coastal South Carolina and became a realtor in the competitive resort town of Myrtle Beach. She soon specialized in finding a new way of life for retiring boomers. With a new and secure career, she dreamed of becoming her own boss on her own terms. This led to researching network marketing, a field that allows her to work without the risk of business loans, employees or the overhead of a traditional small business. She continued her work as a realtor while building her home-based business on the side.
Along the way, Jill discovered that the Midwest values she grew up with could be a huge asset in her work. She sought out marketing education and at first reluctantly and later wholeheartedly employed technology to expand her businesses. What she discovered was that, though most network marketing companies are great, none provide the training she needed to become a pro. So she developed a brand of her own centered on her life and helpful personality. She said, “By attracting folks to me, to Jill Klunk, I could be of great service and develop a substantial business from home.”
With the help of a new friend and now business partner, Tara Woodruff, Jill believes she has joined a community of the most amazing network marketing professionals on the planet. It has become her mission to combine her “never quit” attitude with the attraction marketing skills. “I want to help people push through the struggles in life and in business and create substantial incomes for real life change. I want to give more to the world, and network marketing Is how I am doing it.”
You can connect with Jill at: [email protected]