Myrtle Beach Real Estate Expert—Jerry Pinkas
Jerry Pinkas is an award-winning real estate professional at
Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts, a successful investor, business
owner and author. He has taken years of experience and positioned
himself as one of the top real estate professionals in the country. Always eager
to help others, Jerry was determined to find a way to share his simple and effective
business practices to more people through his Real Estate Experts team of agents.
In 2010, Jerry Pinkas’ team was named No. 1 in the Carolinas and No. 7 in the world
with Exit Realty International. Jerry was propelled into real estate stardom in 2011
when the Wall Street Journal named him company one of the “Top 250 Real Estate
Teams in the Nation.”
Owner of Oceanfront Condo Rentals and Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts, this awardwinning
team of realtors is always ready to help. They take great pride in sharing the
information they’ve learned.
For years, Jerry has worked to develop the most effective real estate system in the
industry and is intent on continually gaining knowledge to pass on that success to his
clients. He has appeared numerous times and been quoted in some of the top local
and national newspapers and magazines.
The Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts team raises the bar on the level of knowledge
and advice, and has many proven systems. If put to work for you, you’ll get guarantee
Average just doesn’t cut it any longer. With the many changes over the last several
years in the real estate industry, you want the expert advisor who brings you a wealth
of information, a strong work ethic, and is committed to your success.
If you ask Jerry’s friends to describe him, they’ll say he’s driven and hard working. He
just loves what he does and throws all of his energy into helping his clients. It’s what
makes working with Jerry so enjoyable.
His philosophy is very simple: Why waste your time building something average. Life
can be a real adventure when you apply what you have learned, and then help others
to do the same.