Jeremy Ganse is a licensed Realtor, best-selling author, entrepreneur, education chairman of the Lancaster Young Professionals Network, and Certified Expert Advisor™. Over the course of his 15-year career he has built several successful Internet marketing and ecommerce Web sites that have produced sales of over 40 million dollars in Real Estate and consumer storage products. His information systems and technical communications background gives him a unique insight into the application of technology in the facilitation of the residential consumer real estate experience.

He is CEO and founder of The Jeremy Ganse Home Selling Team, a dynamic customer centric business dedicated to embracing technology to enhance their client’s real estate experience. Jeremy helps his clients to understand, comprehend, and navigate today’s real estate market. His systems and processes provide consumers education on avoiding common pitfalls while capitalizing on opportunities. Jeremy believes that knowledge is power and that his clients deserve access to information and coaching so that they can make informed choices and play an active role in one of the most significant transactions that they will make in their life.

Jeremy represents a new breed of real estate agents. As a Certified Expert Advisor™ he has emerged as a leader in specialized knowledge, skills and advisory services in the real estate industry. He is the real estate agent of choice to professionals, business owners, community leaders, doctors and lawyers who understand that to run a real estate business you must have the highest level of specialized knowledge, a solid track record of success and the systems and resources to execute a proven plan.