Jennifer Myers is undeniably an advocate and recognized expert for first-time homebuyers. Her new book chronicles a step-by-by formula first-time buyers can use to receive grant money and other resources to help make their first home purchase more affordable.

Jennifer first became passionate about real estate in 2002 after buying her first home and later realizing she could have saved $50,000 through a housing assistance program. Ever since then, her mission has been to help others avoid that same mistake. She is the real estate agent that goes the extra step to inform her clients on how to find this money. A first-time buyer has only one time to take advantage of these opportunities and Jennifer leads them through this process.

Jennifer has worked with hundreds of clients. In fact, she was the top producer in her area during her first year as an agent. Her energetic determination and thirst for knowledge of the real estate market enables her to keep abreast of the latest housing information and keeps her on the front lines of the industry.

She also knows that owning your first home can be the largest financial investment you will make. She encourages responsible homeownership and works with her clients so that they find a home that meets both their needs and their pocketbooks. That first home is a stepping stone to your next home, so she truly believes you want to make it right the first time.

As a young homeowner herself, Jennifer knows first-hand the benefits of owning your own place. She wants to share that excitement and pride with others and relates to the concerns that young, first-time buyers may have. She believes that owning a home is not only a financial investment but a personal investment that will bring the owner many happy returns.

Jennifer Myers lives and works in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

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