Jeff Tardiff has become a sought-out fitness and nutrition consultant because he lives the example of “being true to yourself.”
One of his latest examples has been working with his mother to help her lose weight in a healthy manner with no fad diets. Since then, she has lost over 100 pounds and feels ‘light-years’ better.
Jeff was a competitor in numerous sports and excelled in grappling for over 12 years due to his ‘never quit’ attitude. After high school, he enlisted in the United States Air Force and earned a spot as a TACP (one of the Air Force special operation jobs).
He was class leader and got perfect scores on every physical fitness test, which is no small feat. Jeff was chosen to go to airborne school, survival school and air assault school. While stationed with the 82nd airborne division at Fort Bragg, he was able to train in modern combat.
After leaving the military, Jeff received his diploma from Penn Foster Career School as a Fitness/Nutritionist. Jeff is MAT Jumpstart Certified and also holds a Resistance Training Specialist designation. He is enrolled at Globe University in the Health and Fitness Specialist program for the Bachelor of Science degree.
Jeff is a top black belt trainer in Kung Ling Kung Fu™, where he was chosen to represent this reality self-defense system to the world and is a top fitness trainer for the local YMCA.
Jeff Tardiff believes in natural longevity through proper fitness and eating real food. He coaches people everyday how to achieve their best.
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