Unlike most so-called “experts” Jayson Hunter, RD, CSCS is a Registered Dietitian with over ten years of experience helping people both lose weight fast and keep it off.

The author of The Carb Rotation Diet and the founder of the exclusive Weight Loss Made Easy Membership program, Hunter has helped thousands of people worldwide lose unwanted pounds and inches in a safe and healthy manner.


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What is the number reason why diets fail?

The number 1 reason is that you don’t make any lifestyle changes. Most people when they attempt to lose weight think that they can just follow a short term, “I’m going to cut my calories for X number of days, I’m not going to eat any carbs for so many days, and I’m just going lose the weight and then everything’s good and I’ve lost my weight.” But the problem is the weight comes back on because you didn’t make any lifestyle changes.
All you did was follow the short term quick fix and then you went back to your old way of eating which, most likely, is what caused you to get heavy in the first place. So, you need to make lifestyle changes and these lifestyle changes aren’t things that you are going to hate. It’s not that you have to not eat the foods you love or not eat. You need to eat frequently, you need to eat a lot of good foods and you can also eat the foods you love, it’s just learning to control those which is one of those lifestyle changes.

When it comes to weight loss support, it’s also helpful to have a coach?

Yes. It is definitely helpful because you still need that expert advice to be able to ask questions, bounce ideas off of, work through struggles. The support system is definitely great but they may not have the expertise or the knowledge to know exactly why your body may be doing this in response to something else and that’s where you need the coach to be able to filter through those things. Someone who is able to educate you and teach you and make sure you’re leading yourself along that correct path and that if you do get derailed that they’re able to get you back on that path quickly.

Is too much weight loss information sometimes a bad thing?

I call it Paralysis by Analyses. Most people think that they have to know everything before they can get started. ‘I’m going to read one more book or I’m just going to learn about those workouts, those new workouts that came out. I just want to make sure I know what I’m doing. I don’t want to screw this up,’ and things like that. Well, things like that is what screws it up because you never actually take action. You never actually start doing anything because you’re always thinking, ‘I got to read that one more article. I’ve got to check on that one more site. What about my shoes? What if I ate that food? What happens to me then?’

And you literally just become paralyzed because there’s so much information that you’re trying to analyze you never step forward, you never take that first step, you never take action and so a coach is definitely going to help you take action, because they’re going to give you specific assignments to do so that you can’t get frozen in that analyses world.

It’s, you’re going to take a step and you may stumble but you’re going to get back up and you’re going to take that next step, and then you’re going to take that next step and that coach is going to be able to help you lead you along, again, that path so that you don’t get stuff on the path.

I have heard differing things about eating before bed, especially in relation to the release of growth hormone. What is your take on eating before bed – whether to do it (especially if you are hungry) and what is best to eat at that time?

For most people eating before bedtime isn’t a necessity unless they ate a real early dinner and won’t be eating breakfast until later in the morning. For those that are using this late snack as a fuel to grow lean muscle then I suggest a casein based protein and a small amount of carbs. Some examples would be to mix some casein protein powder with yogurt to make a pudding type product. Another good evening snack is cottage cheese or a handful of almonds. Walnuts are another good choice.

Does the Carb Rotation Diet end up influencing the number of calories I eat even though I’m not counting calories?

The Carb Rotation Diet does control the calories you consume due to the way the program is laid out. There are a lot of factors that go into a successful weight loss program and calories is one of them. You don’t have to count calories to be able to control them. There are other ways to control you calorie intake. The calorie intake also has a lot to do with what types of calories you are ingesting. This can make a big difference in your weight loss.

Will I feel hungry on the Carb Rotation Diet?

You should not feel hungry on the Carb Rotation Diet. You will be eating frequently enough and consuming certain types of foods that provide fullness and satiety so that you don’t have the hunger urge all the time. This isn’t a calorie restriction type of diet where you are starving for food. The best way to increase your metabolism is by feeding it and by exercising. So you will be stoking that metabolic furnace.

Will I be able to eat the foods I like, or will I have to give them up?

It depends on the quality of the foods you like. If you like McDonalds, donuts, and cakes then yes it is suggested that you give those foods up. For the most part all foods fit into the program except for those that are just wasted calories and unhealthy for you. If your goal is weight loss then there may have to be some sacrifices made along the way. Usually our weight gain is because of lack of activity, poor eating habits and bad food choices.

It really depends on your eating habits and what level of change that needs to be made. For most people you will be able to eat your favorite foods, but maybe just not as frequently as you currently are.

How can the Carb Rotation Diet fit into my busy schedule?

It is pretty easy to fit into busy schedules because there is nothing elaborate about the Carb Rotation Diet. The layout is simple, planning ahead is easy to do and the meals can be easy to make. Any successful program does take some planning and modification based on each individual user. You have to find what works for you. Once you create that plan then it is just a matter of implementing it into your schedule.

Will I be able to follow the Carb Rotation Diet for the long term?

Yes, because unlike other programs the Carb Rotation Diet program teaches you lifestyle changes and behavior modifications so that you won’t ever have to diet again. You won’t be rotating your carbs forever, but rather converting to a maintenance program using the lifestyle changes and modifications you learn during the program. They key is this is the last diet you will ever be on because unlike other diet programs I made it a point to teach you how to eat after the diet is over so that you don’t rebound and regain all the weight you worked so hard to lose.

what one piece of advice would you give to a woman who is frustrated, fed up, and just plain old tired of not seeing results?

Evaluate what you have done in the past, honestly ask yourself if you followed everything you were supposed to, to a tee, start building that foundation of healthy eating and then expand into more detail with your diet from there. If you have not tried rotating your carbs then now is the time because it is very good for melting off the stubborn fat.

With so much confusing information out there people are going to continue to ask what are good carbs and bad carbs. Are all carbs bad for us?

There are things such as good carbs and bad carbs. You do need to eat carbs. So don’t think that you can go on no-carb diets forever and expect to maintain your weight loss or expect to eat like that for the rest of your life. Your body does rely on carbohydrates to function efficiently. The problem that most people have is we choose the wrong carbohydrate to try to feed our body with. Most of our carbohydrate choices are processed, refined carbs that are just maybe a little more than sugar-type consistency and nutrient value. Instead we should be focusing on the whole-grain carbs and fruits and vegetables that contain fiber, stuff that has hearty nutrients in it because one of the main things with that is you then control your blood sugar intake and your body utilizes those calories and those nutrients more efficiently than if you were to just wolf down a lot of white rice and white bread.

So you definitely need carbohydrates, it’s just a matter of making sure you choose the right carbohydrates in the right quantities so that you can lose weight if that’s your goal or maintain your weight if that’s your goal.