Jay Radke is a Canadian entrepreneur who has been with cDemo.
com since 2008 and currently holds the role of Vice President of
Business Development for cDemo Mobile Solutions Ltd. cDemo
Mobile Solutions is a recognized leader in Mobile App Data
Collection Technology.
The cDemo team has developed and refined their product over a period of more than
10 years, resulting in a system that is very flexible and easily configured for any
type of user or industry. Their cornerstone smartphone app, “Mobile Inspector, ” is
a very simple to use. Using only one device, the user is provided simple on-screen
instructions detailing exactly what to do, requiring very little training or experience.
Prior to joining cDemo, Jay spent the majority of his career working in the wholesale
side of the business in the auction, remarketing and fleet services industry with
Enterprise Holdings Inc. as Group Remarketing and Acquisition Manager in Alberta,
Canada, and St. Louis, Missouri. He oversaw a team responsible for the complete
lifecycle of a fleet that peaked at over 50,000 automobiles throughout the year.
Gaining extensive industry knowledge from vehicle purchasing, ordering, marshalling,
direct-to-dealer sales, auction resale initiatives and fleet planning for over 50,000 cars
allows Jay to speak and share about a deep level of automotive industry knowledge.
His passion lies in helping the automotive community move forward, and he has
made the shift to apply his knowledge to the digital aspect of this great industry.
His expertise comes from being a part of the development and launch of the cDemo
Merchandising platform, which propelled his expertise in this area of the business.