Mr. Jasper B Armstrong III is a native of Aurora, CO. He currently serves as a licensed special education teacher at Overland High School in the Cherry Creek School District where he has developed an intervention program for African American males focusing on self-advocacy, study skills, problem-solving and empowerment. Armstrong’s five years of instilling hope, self-confidence and determination with his students, their parents, and other colleagues has earned him a position of great respect with the school community. Mr. Armstrong has also served as a board member for several organizations and has sponsored and operated many student organizations including the African American Male Leadership, Black Student Alliance, and Black Men of Today.

Community engagement and teaching are important principals to Mr. Armstrong. In addition to his dedication to African American males’ empowerment and achievement in school settings, Mr. Armstrong has also had an extensive ten-year coaching career including positions held at UNC Greeley, Langston University, and Grandview High School. During his tenure in these positions, he has served in roles including educational coordinator where one of his main responsibilities was to mentor and coach the struggling athletes. Mr. Armstrong has dedicated his professional and personal career to uplifting and empowering his students and has served as an important role model for these young people.