Jason Watson´s high-energy approach, superior negotiating
skills and outstanding business sense are reasons
why he was one of Calgary’s top Realtors. His extensive
knowledge and experience in the industry has enabled
him to develop the skills and influence to excel in any
Real Estate Market!
After being raised on a farm in Central Alberta, Jason really knows the value
of a dollar. He grew up being responsible for raising his own calves to sell
at auction. Learning the fundamentals of business at such an early age inspired
Jason to constantly pursue new challenges, hone his sales skills and
develop his mind for business. As soon as Jason arrived in Calgary, he saw
the huge potential for investment and profit in the Calgary housing market
and knew his calling was in the real estate industry.
This one-time farm boy was a licensed REALTOR® from 1999-2009, and had
been involved in over 700 residential and commercial sales transactions. He
has received numerous awards throughout his career. Additionally, Jason is
an avid real estate investor himself, and reaped the benefits of real estate
investment first hand, fuelling his passion for the industry.
One of Jason´s past endeavours was establishing a real estate brokerage from
the ground up. Buying out two real estate companies and merging with a third
office, Jason grew his brokerage to accommodate over 190 REALTORS® in
only 7.5 months. Jason went on to win a “Broker of the Year Award” and ultimately
experienced great success. After 2 years, Jason craved the hands-on
excitement of real estate investing and felt ready for his next challenge. He
elected to sell off his share of the company to his business partner and return
to his true passion for real estate sales and investing.
As a successful entrepreneur, Jason´s main business focus is on his clients
being Buyers, tenant buyers, lenders and Joint Venture partners and their
real estate success. Whether it be buying or selling their homes, helping
them break into the rental market with an investment property, or facilitating
commercial transactions, Jason is committed to ensuring his clients end
up on top with the best possible results. Jason enjoys spending countless
hours learning all he can to better his businesses and learning new skills to
outperform market conditions and trends in his field.
At the time of this writing Jason personally bought, invested, financed,
flipped or coached over 72 creative real estate deals in the prior 17 months
Jason invites you to contact him directly by either phone: (403)-804-3150,
Fax: (866)300-3255, or email: [email protected] for further advice,
clarification, or investment opportunities.