The Parrish Law Firm was established by principal attorney James R. Parrish, who is a graduate of the University of Virginia, which is consistently ranked among the “Top Ten”law schools in the United States. He is also a former partner in one of the oldest trial law firms in Northern Virginia, whose members included one of the original judges of the Virginia Court of Appeals and three members of the American College of Trial Lawyers, which is widely recognized as the most select group of trial lawyers in the nation.

Mr. Parrish is admitted to and regularly appears in the State and Federal Courts of Virginia. He also handles appellate matters before the Virginia Supreme Court and the Federal Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. Furthermore, Mr. Parrish has the honor of having been credited with filing a successful amicus brief in the United States Supreme Court.

Corporations, businesses and law enforcement agencies frequently call upon Mr. Parrish for advice and to conduct seminars for their employees on various legal issues such as risk management.

Mr. Parrish is a resident of Gainesville, VA where he happily resides with his wife and 2 children.

Professional Associations and Memberships:

  • Member, Prince William County Bar Association
  • Member, Fairfax County Bar Association
  • Member, Virginia Trial Lawyers Association
  • Member, American Association for Justice

Professional Accolades:

  • Fairfax Bar Association: Pro Bono Law Firm of the Year
  • Board of Directors: Prince William County Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)
  • Special Guest Lecturer: Fairfax County Criminal Justice Academy (County Sheriff’s Office)
  • Judge: University of Virginia, School of Law Appellate Argument Competition

Bar Admissions:

  • Virginia, 1998
  • U.S. District Court Eastern District of Virginia, 1999
  • U.S. Court of Appeals 4th Circuit, 2000
  • U.S. District Court Western District of Virginia, 2001



Do I need an Attorney?
If you have suffered an injury through the fault of another, be it from a motor vehicle accident, or some other event, then you have a potential claim. If you have been in an automobile accident with little property damage (i.e., damage to the car) and minor injuries, then retaining an attorney usually would not make financial sense. However, if you have serious injuries you should retain the Parrish Law Firm.

Insurance companies are in business to make money and they will take advantage of you to accomplish that goal. Insurance adjusters are professionals who review hundreds of accident claims a year and they routinely will offer you less than what you deserve if you are not represented by competent legal counsel who is ready, wiling and able to battle the insurance company in the legal arena. You need the Parrish Law Firm to inform you of your rights and ensure that you receive your claim’s full value. Being involved in an accident is a stressful experience, but by hiring an attorney you take some of the worry out of the process. By retaining the Parrish Law Firm, you will have the peace of mind in knowing that your claim for injuries, medical bills, lost wages, and suffering is being handled by experienced professionals, which will allow you to focus on healing your injuries and getting back to normal life.

Why should you hire the Parrish Law Firm?
We know how insurance adjusters evaluate claims because we have worked with insurance companies in defending lawsuits alleging personal injury. Also, founding attorney James Parrish’s father was an executive in the insurance industry for over thirty years, so Mr. Parrish has a unique insight into the way claims are evaluated and resolved. We know what the adjusters need to see and the best way to present your claim so that you will receive full value. Insurance adjusters and their attorneys know that the Parrish Law Firm concentrates a great deal of its practice in the personal injury arena and that we are not afraid to go to Court.

What will this cost me?
The client pays nothing up front for a typical personal injury or medical malpractice case. There will be normal costs involved, such as postage and copying, as well as costs in obtaining police reports, medical records, and expert opinions. These costs will be advanced by the firm and deducted once a verdict or settlement is obtained. Our fee is one-third of whatever is recovered for the client. We do not receive a fee unless the client receives a settlement or verdict. No settlement is agreed upon without the client’s informed consent. Criminal/traffic cases fees vary depending on the severity of the charges. For your convenience, we accept payment by major credit cards.

What do I bring to the Initial Consultation?
Everything. For personal injury cases, please bring everything that pertains to the accident, your motor vehicle insurance and health insurance. Also, please bring all of your medical records and bills (if you have easy access to them-if not, we will collect them for you). For criminal/traffic cases, please bring all Court documents and any other items associated with your situation.

How will I pay for my Medical Treatment?
In personal injury cases, if you do not have health insurance or medical payment insurance, The Parrish Law Firm will notify your medical providers that you are involved in a claim and that the bills should be placed on hold until the conclusion of your claim. Ultimately, our goal is to have your medical bills paid through the proceeds from your settlement or verdict.

What is the value of my personal injury claim?
This question typically cannot be answered until all the facts of your case are known and your medical condition is stabilized. Remember, every case is different and has a different value. Additional information regarding this topic is discussed during the initial consultation.

Is there anything I can do to help my personal injury case?
Yes. You need to understand that your relationship with your attorney is a partnership. The attorney will need to be able to contact the client and receive prompt responses with any needed information. In addition, the value of the case is greatly impacted by the client’s honesty and forthrightness. Insurance companies’ lawyers love to argue that the Plaintiff is exaggerating their injuries or that the injury already existed.

The only way to combat this is to provide all information, good and bad, to your treating doctors and your attorney about your prior health history. Frequently, the client can create much bigger problems by trying to hide information, than any problem that could be caused by the information coming out. In short, be honest with your attorney and doctors, and follow their advice. Defense lawyers also like to argue that the Plaintiff should not recover because they failed to do what is in their best interests. If the doctor says that you should walk two miles per day, you should do it. If you don’t you are hurting yourself, physically and financially.

How long does it take for a case to end?
This question is difficult to answer because every case is different. Sometimes cases end in a matter of weeks, but normally the process lasts much longer. Unfortunately, the judicial process can drag out for months, even years. We work to achieve resolutions for our clients as efficiently as possible, but we will not “cut corners” simply to settle the case.

What is a statute of limitation?
A statute of limitation is a law that specifies the amount of time that can pass after an injury-causing event before a lawsuit must be filed. The general personal injury statute of limitations in Virginia is two years. However, because there are different statutes of limitations for different cases, it is important for you to discuss your situation with the Parrish Law Firm or another attorney as soon as possible.

What happens if I was injured in a collision caused by an uninsured driver?
You may have a claim for Uninsured (or “UM”) benefits under your own automobile insurance policy. If you make a UM claim, your own insurance carrier has the right to use all defenses that the other driver would have against you. Many people mistakenly believe that they will be treated better by their own insurance company; however, this just is not true. Your insurance carrier will be allowed to assert all defenses available to the at-fault driver and will defend the claim as aggressively as any other claim against it. Accordingly, a UM claim creates an adversarial relationship between you and your own insurance carrier. Thus, it may be wise to retain experienced counsel when asserting a UM claim. As can be expected, your own insurance carrier will NOT be looking out for your interests (even though you are its own insured!). Rather, your insurance carrier will be looking for ways to pay out as little money as possible. In the event you do not have UM coverage, you may have no other practical means of obtaining compensation for your injuries. This is why you should always carry UM automobile insurance coverage, preferably with liability insurance limits of at least $300,000.

What is the likelihood of my case settling without having to go to trial?
National data suggest that only about 10% of all personal injury cases go to trial, meaning that as many as 90% of such cases are settled. These figures certainly suggest that an injury case or claim is much more likely to settle than go to trial; however, each case must be viewed individually. Settlement of a personal injury case or claim is the result of a comprehensive analysis of many factors such as the strength of the case’s underlying liability, or fault; the comparative stength of each side’s experts; prior similar case results and the reasonableness of any settlement offer.

What’s the next step?
Contact the Parrish Law Firm via email or at 571-229-1800, to schedule an initial consultation. This meeting is FREE OF CHARGE. During our meeting, we will discuss your situation and devise a strategy to make sure that your legal rights are protected and preserved.