James (Jim) P. Engel: Creator and Owner of Four Businesses Built
from $0 to over $1 Million in Earnings a Year from Each Business.
Creator and Owner of the # 1 Ranked Mortgage Branch at his
Firm in the State of Arizona for 12 Years.
Creator and Owner and Ranked # 1 Real Estate Office in the Country out of 125 Real
Estate Offices – Generating Earnings of $1 Million Dollars a Year from Each Business!!
Previous to his 12-Year Ownership of these businesses, Jim was ranked #1 Stock Broker
at his Stock Brokerage Firm and Retired Exceeding his Firms Goals 15 Times Over.
With these Amazing Achievements came A lot of Hard Work and ALOT of Hours…
BUT, This Isn’t About Jim….It’s about YOU…. and Your Business Going Forward…
There’s Only ONE KEY ASPECT (MARKETING) that Jim credits All of his Success to
more than ANY other factor.
Ultimately, He decided to walk away from his old businesses and start a New Business
solely focusing on that ONE KEY ASPECT (MARKETING) to which he owes all of his
success…to Benefit Your Business!!
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