Herbert Glenn Bennett, RA is a multi-talented Architect and Artist. He sees an Architectural future emerging with new attitudes, design perspectives, materials and technologies forged partly by the digital explosion that’s redefining our creative expressions and designs. Our “Cultural education” reminds us
that “Architecture is the Mother of the Arts.” We have developed a visual intelligence inspiring innovative and smart technologies supported by leading building systems professions. Architects can impact the world now unlike any other time in history.

Herb is an Institute of Design and Construction and Pratt Institute graduate. He has a B. Arch degree, a New York license and is NCARB certified. He teaches at The Fashion Institute of Technology SUNY New York and directs the Loggia research and development group. He is a researcher and Inventor, an author, an Industrial Designer with several patents. He uses multiple art forms to make products and accessories energy efficient with sound economic strategies to satisfy project needs and design parameters.

Bennett Architects RA is a client-based design and technology research firm. He is the COO of Summit Development Industries LLC, NY a housing development company. He develops innovative and alternative structural systems, green technologies and full service residential communities. His patented inventions are used by industries for industrial and commercial arts, architecture, marketing, print media and packaging design. He advises cultural and business organizations with their product development needs, their corporate collateral and integrated branding development.

Herb is a curator, moderator and panelist on several ‘Percent for Art’ selection panels, Arts Grants panels, Source Selection Evaluation Boards for Public art and Memorial Monuments in New York City for the MTA, the African Burial Ground and Visitors’ Center and “The World in Our Art”, a Moderated Art panel of Caribbean artists at the Windsor Art Center in Windsor, CT. His public works experience involves consulting artists with their municipal and private commissions. His graphic and media designs are popular with a clientele of entertainers, dignitaries, cultural institutions, galleries, well established and emerging businesses. He is featured in the popular documentary Plight of Caribbean Artists1 and has participated in various video productions, interviews in several New York publications. They include the Daily News, Caribbeat;
the weekend edition, Valentine New York Fine Arts Magazine, and Caribbean Life. He has cohosted a radio broadcasting art show.

As a fine artist, Herb exhibits widely and is featured in special arts projects, private collections and gallery exhibitions. He develops community development projects for arts institutions, corporations and creative professionals. Herb is a published poet, and a private pilot. He is one of America’s Premier ExpertsTM and authors. He transforms complex geometric designs into proprietary technologies and form inventions and inventories with unique, valuable identities. His goal is to synthesize related art forms to positively impact the lives and works of people, our planet, clients, creative developers and arts professions with his new ‘Non-Euclidean; curved aesthetic’ that this new geometry offers us.

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