Jake Scott, MBA, PMP is driven to help others succeed in business and life. Understanding the pleasure that comes from living out your passions is the core belief behind how he approaches life each and every day. As a small to medium business expert, Jake understands all areas of a person’s life can be amazing when a
person is living out their passions. Jake exemplifies this in his career and his personal life. Presently, he is the co-owner of a successful fitness gym, where he helps others achieve their fitness goals. He is also a Project Manager and System Engineer, focusing on being agile and objective in the deployment of technology and helping others reach their lifelong business goals. It’s a unique combination of careers at first glance, but Jake has found these professional avenues complement each other in a special way. They work together to develop focus and a positive mindset that are needed to offer true solutions and ideas, which are an essential part of being successful in life.
Twenty years of service in the Air Force provided Jake invaluable opportunities to work at various locations around the world. He developed skills that lent to his personal philosophies that include embracing family, finance health and fitness. To further enhance these valuable philosophies, Jake earned his BS in Business Administration and an MBA with an emphasis in Project Management. His collective set of experiences give him a unique insight into career and business.
Jake has a natural tendency to pursue success through personal excellence and is a natural inspiration to those around him. Through his actions and commitment to living a more inspired life, Jake has begun reaching out to others to share the powerful motivators that can lead to greater joy and balance in their personal and professional lives. His experiences offer great insight and show that when people apply themselves and use their strengths to achieve better results, amazing results can follow. Every day he is committed to “learning and growing” with new information and ideas, bringing value to projects in which he is involved. This carries over to a natural leadership style that is encouraging, supportive and inspirational to others.
Despite a busy schedule, Jake never forgets the greatest gifts of his life—his family. He takes great joy in those special moments with his wife, whether it be working out together at their gym, or going to cheer their four children on at one of their sporting events or band activities. He is committed to making their time together meaningful. For “wind–down” time, Jake enjoys photography, music, science and travel.
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