When Jaime Westenbarger bought his first stock while still in High School, he was unaware of the large influence that the purchase would have on his future. Always interested in finance and economics, Jaime enrolled at The University of Michigan shortly after completing his service to our country in the United
States Marine Corps. In 1999, he officially entered the financial services industry and worked in a number of capacities including, but not limited to, managing a team of financial advisors until he decided in 2006 it was time to build his own company, Forest Hills Financial, Inc. Although the entrepreneurial spirit was partially responsible for the endeavor, it was also driven by his desire to create a company he would want to be a client of. His concern lay in the belief that the financial industry was focused more on sales goals than in truly helping the client, and resulted in the founding of Forest Hills Financial, Inc. in 2006.
Since starting Forest Hills Financial, Inc. in a small one-person office in 2006, Jaime Westenbarger has turned the financial world on its head. Through his nationally- syndicated radio show, The Keeping Your Money Show, he has helped thousands of people filter through the salespeople of the financial services world and focus on the information that actually matters. Jaime’s style of simple explanations of complex problems helped grow his business in only seven years to include clients in 15 states, advisors in four offices, and The Keeping Your Money Show continuing to grow its listening audience. Forest Hills Financial, Inc. was able to grow revenue over 300% during one of the most devastating recessions in recent memory. Additionally the company continues to develop in size and influence in the financial community on a local, state and even national level.
Jaime resides with his amazing wife, Hillary and their two children in the Forest Hills community of Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Jaime can be contacted through his website at: You can also see show times and stations in your area for The Keeping Your Money Show at: www.