Jackie T. Ewing is the creative mastermind behind Ewing Enterprises. Born in Dublin, Ireland into a family of 10, the gift of the gab comes naturally to her! Fourteen years in Germany, ten of which were spent working with the Japanese at Sony, not only enhanced her language skills but also her unique ability to communicate effectively with all kinds of people and nationalities. Sony consumer product sales boomed in Easter Europe with Jackie on the operations and sales teams! After moving to Florida, Jackie worked in the hospitality industry, adapting her skills to a new set of nationalities and circumstances.
Sharing the Art of Effective Communication became Jackie’s mantra as she worked with clients to build their businesses through customer relationships. Using various mediums such as email and direct marketing, newsletters, phone scripts and then Facebook and Twitter, Jackie helped build and grow customer relationships so that existing customers not only came back again to buy, but recommended the businesses to their own relationship circles.
As Social Media began firmly planting itself in the business world, Jackie quickly recognized that many businesses were not engaging and made it her business to find out why not and how she could help. With the advances in technology, people were interacting in new ways. Social Networking opens communication doors that had never before existed. Jackie takes her clients by the hand, leads them through those doors and introduces them to their customers in a new light. She teaches them how to add Facebook and Twitter to their marketing toolboxes to build those customer relationships and how to choose which of the many tools will bring the best results for them. Key to building these relationships is allowing some personality to shine through and Jackie is adept at highlighting aspects of her clients’ personalities that resonate with their customers.
Jackie uses Poken as her favored tool for connecting with new people. It’s a fun way to break the ice and get people connecting. She has built many a healthy relationship with the help of her Bee-autiful Poken – look out for her at a future conference or Tweet-Up and be ready to get pokened!