Jack McDonough, also known as “The IRS Guy,” has been helping
taxpayers solve IRS problems for 20 years. Realizing he couldn’t
save the world by himself, Jack has taught attorneys in every state
how to solve IRS problems and add IRS representation services to
their law practices so that more taxpayers can obtain local legal
Jack is a best-selling author and coauthor and can often be found speaking on live
radio shows, as a keynote speaker or presenting seminars to tax attorneys. Regularly
sought after by the media, Jack has appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX. Over the
last decade Jack has published The IRS Times & Inquirer Newsletter, The Attorney
Next Door Newsletter, The Attorney Exit Strategy Newsletter as well as hundreds of
articles and blogs about the IRS representation industry.
In 2009 Jack founded BlackFin® IRS Solutions, a community of local, licensed and
specially trained tax attorneys who provide professional solutions to local taxpayers
while adhering to the BlackFin® Code of Ethics and the BlackFin® Promise. The company
believes that all taxpayers should have affordable and easy access to trustworthy,
local and licensed attorneys.
In addition to his professional endeavors, Jack founded Camp BlackFin®—a program
that identifies families who are currently enduring significant IRS related stress/problems
and places their children in summer camp. Selecting local children from local
families is an important part of helping communities ease IRS-related tension.
If you are a taxpayer suffering from an IRS problem or if you just want to learn more
about BlackFin IRS® visit
Attorneys who would like more information about Jack McDonough and how he can
help you should go to his website or call his office at