Jace T. McDonald (aka JT) had a passion for business since he was a child. For almost 25 years he continues to educate business owners on tools to help their families, and have peace of mind financially with Asset Growth and Protection tools not used by the main stream.
JT is currently married to Jessica Baumler from Iowa, who is an inspiring Olympian horseback rider and who currently oversees both of the State of WI Assisted-Care home facilities (in Marquette and Adams counties) that JT started – to assist those near and dear to him.
By establishing the, JT helps tribes create revenue and jobs with a focus on children’s programs, ending poverty with financial programs that banks use to help them earn money, and create entrepreneurs and opportunities in Indian country.
JT enjoys taking time with hundreds of representatives that he and his team help to assist nationally. He also enjoys spending time with family, friends and clients fishing throughout WI and Canada.
His son Ryder is keeping dad very busy with bike rides, walks with the dog and playing on the new swing set and slide. Ryder also enjoys talking on the phone, so don’t be surprised if you get a call from JT and Ryder will have lots to say. JT thinks he gets that from Jessica??
You can reach JT by calling: (608) 516-1956
Or visiting:
Or by emailing: [email protected]