After graduating from Yale University and Columbia
Business School, Inger Pols spent many years in the
corporate world as a Marketing Executive and Consultant.
She turned her focus to health and nutrition ten
years ago after adopting a four-year old boy from Kazakhstan
and a 3-year old girl from Siberia. The size of an 18-month old at
age four, her son had little nourishment in utero and in his first four years of
life. Inspired by research that virtually everything in the body can be healed
and improved through proper nutrition — even new brain synapses can be
fired — Inger devoted her life to learning all she could about wellness.
Before becoming a wellness coach, author and speaker, Inger served as director
of a renowned online women’s wellness company aligned with the clinic
founded by Dr. Christiane Northrup. She went back to school to study nutrition
and dietary theory and became a Holistic Health Coach and a Stress Management
Instructor, a personal trainer, outdoor bootcamp instructor and an indoor
cycling coach. Inger served as the Founding Editor of the New England Health
Advisory, and wrote an Amazon best-selling e-book called “What Your Doctor
Isn’t Telling You – Change Your Life One Bite, One Breath, One Step at a Time.”
Now Inger has created Boot Camps for Life, an online health and wellness
company offering audio and video courses to educate and empower you to
live a longer, better life. Her first program, Cholesterol and Heart Health Boot
Camp, delves deeply into the truth about cholesterol, nutrition and hearthealth
including what foods really raise your cholesterol, why statins do not
prevent a heart attack (they are less effective at reducing your risk than
owning a pet) and what you should do instead, and the five essential heart
health tests you are most likely not getting — but absolutely should. Covered
by insurance, these tests can ensure you avoid a heart attack, stroke,
or unnecessary surgery.
Heart disease is the number one cause of death but it can be avoided. And
women are not safe; while about 40,000 women will die from breast cancer
this year, almost 500,000 women will lose their life to a heart concern.
If your cholesterol is high, Inger will show you why. If your cholesterol is
normal, she’ll share why you may not be safe: 75% of heart attack victims
have normal cholesterol. Inger explains it all and then takes you step by step
through what you need to do, once you have your test results, to ensure you
achieve and maintain long-term heart-health without drugs or surgery.
Inger is available for individual and group coaching, corporate wellness
programs, seminars and keynote speeches. She can be reached at:
[email protected] and offers a free online newsletter
and free special reports at: