My name is Hugo Balarezo, and I’ve sold more than three quarters
of a billion dollars (yes, with a “B”) of residential real estate
in my career. You’d never guess that would be possible if you saw
how I started in the real estate business. It was 1985, I was a college
graduate with a degree in business, marketing and chemistry.
I got into real estate because I wanted to make lots of money, and I thought I
was hot stuff.
Fast forward 12 months later, I had racked up $22,500 in credit card bills and managed
to close 2 transactions the entire year. Needless to say, my ego took a big hit!
Reality finally slapped me in the face when I took my total earnings and divided it by
the numbers of hours I had worked that year and realized my time was worth $2.17
per hour. I could have made three times more at McDonalds. I was frustrated, no one
at my office seemed to care and I needed answers. . sound familiar??
So I went out to search for the answers I needed on my own. I didn’t know exactly
what I was looking for, but deep down I knew I could work harder than anyone and
I just needed some direction. Then I ran across a sales bootcamp put on by a sales
trainer. So I drove to Arizona, with pen and paper, and absorbed everything he talked
about. When I came back I wrote everything out on cue cards, laid them out in sequence
and memorized them. I then set up a daily schedule and blocked my time
into three blocks: 1) prospecting 2) practicing 3) improving my business. The more I
practiced, the more, confident I got, and I started getting results and scheduling appointments.
The more I did, the more disciplined I became and the more homes I sold
and my business started to grow
Fast forward to today … I’ve sold more than 4,250 properties since 1985, I currently
have a team of 15, and I’m looking for the next chapter in my life. I received a ton
of sales awards while at Re/Max, Keller Williams, and currently own two real estate
companies in Riverside California. So I decided to share some of the things I learned
along the way with you and hope you get one great idea you can implement. That’s
all it took for me to get my career moving in the right direction.
Check out more info at You can
reach me at (951) 643-7410, or email me at [email protected]. Here
is to your success!