Hristo Hristov, is owner of Higher Level Fitness, bestselling author, wellness body and life transformation coach and a as they call him “a learning machine”. His journey started as a competitive soccer player back in Europe in his native country Bulgaria and evolved as fascination and curiosity about how the human body and mind work and the effects of nutrition on the body. Soon after this discovery, the only logical step for him was to decided to turn it into his profession.
And now along with his team at HLF he is focusing on his clients to bring more value in their lives with cutting edge tools, strategies and coaching through his 3 Pillar System in Wellness approach: 1 Complexity Conditioning, 2 Premium Nutritional Fuel, 3 The Mental Edge.
People see the word wellness everywhere. Even the traditional medical community is wearing out the wellness slogans. But the shocking truth is, the key to fitness and wellness cannot be found at the local outpatient clinic, drug store or gym.

FEW PEOPLE EVER ACHIEVE TRUE WELLNESS. His mission is to change that.

He is sharing with you his unique approach, which is proven to produce fast and dramatic results. A quick preview of the Three Pillars of Higher Level Wellness:

1. Complexity Conditioning. A custom-designed orchestration of movements that engage muscle systems for optimum fitness conditioning. This works faster and delivers more results than any machine or repetitive workout.

The human body is an interlinked series of bones, muscles, joints, nerves, and ligaments which are responsible for all movement. This link is termed the kinetic chain and each must work together to produce force. When one link is working inefficiently, it affects the others and can gradually lead to muscle imbalances and injury. His system not only prevents that but takes your fitness to a higher level

2. Premium Nutritional Fuel. The right combination of what to eat, when to eat, and how to include essential supplementation to achieve your goals. This is often weight loss, but overall vitality is revved up as well.

3. The Mental Edge. Learn the secrets athletes use to gain powerful advantage in the mental aspect of your game. Your life becomes a series of wins. It’s waiting there inside. The fit and fabulous body. The sharp, quick mind. The soaring spirit that elevates life to a higher level.
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