Holly Rigsby is considered America’s #1 Busy Mom Fat Loss Expert. She is an ACE certified personal trainer, as well as the author of “Fit Yummy Mummy: 16 Week Lifestyle System for Busy Moms,” helping moms burn the baby fat and get their body back in just 90 minutes a week. Holly is also founder of, a support community where Moms can get connected, feel supported and successfully transform their bodies and their lives.

Holly graduated from the University of Louisville with a Masters of Arts in Teaching. She has worked with over 1,000 Mom’s to help them lose the stubborn baby fat and get their pre-baby body back. As a trainer, friend and coach it is Holly’s mission to educate, motivate and inspire women to take action in order to realize their greatest dreams and goals.


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Who is Holly Rigsby?

Holly Rigsby is a Certified Personal Trainer and has a Masters Degree in Teaching.

She is the author of the Fit YummyMummy Workout System, and is the Vice President and Director of Fit Systems’ Nutritional Coaching and Weight Management Services for Women. As a trainer and coach it is Holly’s passion to educate, motivate and inspire women to take daily action in order to realize their physical and personal dreams and goals.

Holly is originally from a very small town in northwest Indiana, and she currently lives in Elizabethtown, KY. As a child, Holly had a love and passion for horses and one day dreamed of living in Kentucky, horse country! Well, she’s finally living in her dream home but has no horses as of yet, although she does see them in her future plans.

Holly attended Indiana University in Bloomington, receiving her undergrad in Human Developments and Family Studies. She then moved to Louisville, KY and graduated from the University of Louisville with a Masters of Arts in Teaching.

Holly was a fourth grade teacher for one school year before becoming pregnant with her son, Tyler and moving to Boston, MA. Pregnancy took quite a toll on Holly’s body.

As a result, Holly had to change her body the healthy way, rather than using the typical starvation diet and hours of cardio she had used in the past. Holly devoted her spare time to learning about proper nutrition and exercise with the goal of achieving a better version of her pre-baby body. She has put all she has learned and teaches into the FitYummyMummy System for you.

What is a Fit YummyMummy?

Here’s the definition of a “Fit YummyMummy”.

  • She is filled with confidence – no matter what she wears or who she’s around, people notice her
  • Her health and fitness are just as important as the care of her family
  • She respects herself
  • She is a positive role model for her children
  • She fills her body with nourishing foods
  • She schedules time to challenge her body with exercise
  • She maintains a lean, fit active figure
  • Her attitude is positive and filled with empowering words
  • Her age is defined by the way she feels – inside and out

By this definition, can you really “Have it All”?

YES you can.

By living the Fit Yummy Mummy lifestyle…you just don’t appear to have it all….you really do!

Would you like to be a Fit Yummy Mummy?

Nicole Whelan was!

She Lost 6 Inches From Her Waist, Gets Rid of Cellulite, and Looks Better Now at 31 Than She Did at 21!

“After the birth of my second child, I was not happy, because the weight wasn’t coming off like it did after the first pregnancy. I was emotionally and mentally on edge. I even debated going on antidepressants!

But before I tried that, I knew there was something I could do, so I joined the gym and started by going to the aerobic classes. I enjoyed the classes since it meant being with other Moms, but I hit a plateau so quickly and the class times weren’t convenient.

Ugh! I just wanted to see a physical change so badly, so much so that I started to debate on whether to take a diet pill but I was terrified by my family’s history of heart problems.

That’s when I decided to try Holly’s Fit Yummy Mummy program, and I have no regrets about that decision.

I look and feel great! I can honestly say that I look better now at age 31 than I did at 21! I have been following the program for three months and the other day a gym member at asked me if I could be her trainer. What a huge compliment for me!

And guess what…I have seen a decrease in cellulite! (Even though I thought that was impossible.) Now I don’t have to think about saving my money for plastic surgery – I can think about buying clothes and going on vacation instead.

What has been the most surprising out of this experience is that I am not at the gym all the time. I spend less time working out but I am seeing better results.”

How much fat can I lose with the Fit YummyMummy System?

The short answer is, “a lot”.

But to be more specific, you should be able to lose one pound of body fat each week (in addition to following sound fat loss nutritional practices). At the same time, you should expect to gain or maintain muscle.

The Fit YummyMummy program gives you at least 16 weeks of fat-blasting workouts, so expect a two-digit fat loss by the time you get through the program.

Plus, if you are a beginner, you will go through our Introductory & Beginner Workouts before graduating onto the Intermediate Program, and then finally to the Advanced Workouts.

You’ll get a lot of workouts for a LOT of fat loss!

Why should I only use each Fit YummyMummy workout for 4 weeks?

We want to keep the element of variety in the training program to achieve consistent fat loss. Nothing, except poor eating, halts fat loss like staying on a training program for too long. By switching it up on a frequent basis, you’ll avoid fat loss plateaus and keep making gains in strength and fitness at the same time.

How much strength training should a mom do? I don’t want to bulk up.

Don’t worry, Fit YummyMummy uses only short burst resistance training sessions, not “bulky bodybuilder type workouts”.

As well, women don’t have to worry about “bulking up”. Unless you are over-eating, it is hard for women to gain muscle or “bulk”. So by using the Fit YummyMummy Nutrition guidelines, along with the short burst interval training to burn fat, you will not bulk up when you do the strength training exercises (which are essential for boosting your metabolism – to burn even more fat).

Which workout should I use?

With the Fit YummyMummy System, there are a lot of workouts to choose from.

So why did I create so many fat burning programs?

Because you need to have variety in your workouts to keep on boosting your metabolism, and burning fat month after month.

If you did the same workout program for 3 months straight, your results would screech to a halt after 5 or 6 weeks.

With the Fit YummyMummy fat loss program, you will be able to change your workouts every 4 weeks. Each time you do that, you’ll kick-start your fat burning and your metabolism to a new level.

You must change your workout every 3-4 weeks.

Unfortunately, with so many workouts, Moms often ask, “Which program should I start with?”. So here are the fat burning guidelines you need to get the most out of your short burst workouts no matter what your fitness level…

  1. The Best Program for a Total BEGINNER

    Beginner Moms should start with the Introductory Program. If you haven’t been doing any exercise, you must start there. No exceptions.

    If you just had your baby, and have had clearance from your doctor to start exercising, you can also start with our bonus guide, “The Jump Start Workout for New Moms”.

    The bodyweight exercises will prepare your muscles for all future workouts, and will prevent the overuse injuries people usually get when they start a high-volume cardio program (which is the worst thing an overweight person can do for weight loss).

  2. The Best Program for a Mom Who Has NOT Exercised in the Last 4 Weeks

    Please start with the Beginner Workout. Do at least 2 weeks on this program and if you are ready, you can then move into the Intermediate Workout. We want you to be conservative and have fun with your workouts. We guarantee that if you stick to the best fitness intensity for you, that you’ll continue to love these workouts and look forward to the next one.

    Plus, your nutrition changes will have the biggest impact on your fat loss program at the start. When you start eating healthy, you’ll burn fat fast!

  3. The Best Program For Moms Who Have Been Doing Cardio or Circuits

    If you have been exercising consistently before Fit YummyMummy, then you can begin with the Intermediate Level Workouts. Because the Fit YummyMummy System is so much different than traditional slow, boring cardio, you’ll still need a 4-week program to prepare you for the advanced workouts.

  4. For SuperFit Moms that Want to Reach the Next Level of “Yummy-ness”

    You can begin with Phase 1 of the 16-week Advanced program. You’ll love these short burst resistance and interval training sessions. Work your way through each following advanced workouts in the program.

    By the time you are done, we’ll have more Advanced Workouts available for you!

Why do the Fit YummyMummy workouts use Supersets?

By pairing exercises together in Supersets (where you perform two exercises back to back without rest), you are able to get more work done in less time.

That gives you two benefits. First, you get the workout done in half the time. And second, you get more results in less time, plus you can do more work. Supersets are the way to go, and that’ why they are the cornerstone of the Fit YummyMummy short burst exercise System.

When is the best time to workout?

In general, there is no best time to workout. A Mom that trains in the afternoon should get the same results as a Mom that trains in the morning, all other things being equal (i.e. nutrition, workout intensity, etc.).

The two most important considerations for determining your workout time are that:

  • You are able to train with sufficient intensity
  • You are able to train consistently

The best thing to do is choose an exercise time that suits your lifestyle.

I don’t have a full hour to workout. Can I still use the program?


First off, even if you do both short burst resistance training and interval training back-to-back, your workout will only last 30 minutes. In fact, you only need 90 minutes per WEEK to do the entire Fit YummyMummy System.

And second, you can split up the resistance training and interval training into alternating days or by doing the resistance training in the morning and the interval training later in the day.

Because the resistance and interval training workouts are only 15 minutes each, you can get a lot done in a short amount of time – while still allowing you to do everything you need to be the best darned Mom you can be…and hopefully even free up a little time for yourself.

Can anyone use the Fit YummyMummy System?

Yes! You don’t need to be a Mom to benefit…any busy woman will get maximum fat loss results from minimum workout time by using the short burst exercise system.

We do recommend however, that you check with your doctor and have a full physical examination prior to starting a new exercise regimen.

I don’t belong to a gym, and I don’t want to go to a gym. What equipment do I need for the Fit YummyMummy Workouts?

The workouts can be done at home with a simple home gym set-up that includes dumbbells, a bench, and an exercise ball. A barbell can also be used for many exercises in place of dumbbells. You do not need fancy machines or expensive gym memberships to succeed.

What is an e-book and why is Fit YummyMummy only available as an e-book?

An e-book is a PDF file that is available for immediate download after your purchase. You will receive download instructions for the Fit Yummy Mummy System e-book, as well as the bonus reports. You will be able to download them and print them within minutes of ordering.

Having immediate access to these files is a major benefit of e-book distribution. If you want to start your fat loss workouts within the next hour, you can do so simply by ordering your e-book and downloading the information.

In addition, it is much easier to provide customers with updates to their e-book. We will alert you when new bonuses or workouts are available.