Hersh Sandhoo has been labeled a marketing and programming
genius by industry leaders. He has generated more than $100
million in leads, sales, referrals and cost savings for his clients
over the past decade. Hersh is best known for being able to create
niche solutions and systems to automate businesses into revenuemaking
machines. With ownership in more than eight companies, Hersh uses the
same strategies he shares with his clients to expand his own portfolio.
As president and CEO of Webmation, Hersh helps clients create comprehensive
marketing and business systems that bridge the gap between offline and online
marketing. By providing all the marketing services companies need to be successful,
he has eliminated the need for businesses to deal with more than 20 different
providers for the same range of services.
Webmation provides complete marketing systems that include web development,
HTML email marketing, e-commerce, online and social media marketing, event
promotion and merchant services, video production, direct mail, graphic design,
QR codes, digital photography, CRM and online training solutions. Webmation also
boasts its own in-house print shop and provides clients access to more than 900,000
promotional products.
Webmation has serviced a wide array of companies, including Comcast SportsNet,
Maryland State Department of Education, Paramount, Marketing Legend Jay
Abraham, American College of Sports Development, and thousands of small to
medium businesses worldwide.
Hersh has also been featured on WUSA9 News, WHUR 96.3FM, NBC4 Health Expo,
Affiliate Summit West, Martial Arts Millionaire Bootcamp, NAPMA World Conference,
Self-Defense Forum, The Truth About the Martial Arts Business, Martial Arts
Professional, Feedfront magazine, Gazette and DirectReponse.Net.
He’s the author of the popular blog “Becoming Legendary” and is the author of the
upcoming book, Beast Mode Marketing. To connect with Hersh online:
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To learn how Webmation can help you systemize your business and marketing, visit or call (855) WEBMATION.