Henrik Rosvall, Coach To Champions, is walking his talk – literally.
Paralyzed from the chest down in 2007, doctors informed him that he would most likely never walk again. In what became the Ultimate Case Study, Henrik used the same tools and mindset that he had been teaching for years to defy the odds and eventually learn to walk again.
As President of In The Zone Institute, Henrik has over 25 years of speaking and coaching experience on such topics as mindset, leadership, team building and peak performance. As a highly sought-after international motivational speaker, coach and author, Henrik shares his World-Class Mindset Philosophy with businesses, teams and athletes around the world. World-Class Mindset programs include Keynotes and Breakouts, Executive Coaching, World-Class Leadership Programs, In The Zone Coaching, Home Study Courses and exclusive Retreats.
Henrik mixes humor and enthusiasm with empowering stories to deliver a high content message that equip audiences with practical and proven tools. Participants condition their World-Class Mindsets in a safe, inspirational and highly energizing learning environment.
With his strong passion for serving others, Henrik has impacted hundreds of thousands of lives while customizing each presentation and coaching session.
All C-level executives, organizations, associations and Hall of Fame athletes who work with Henrik share a common bond – they are committed to excellence, raising the bar and maximizing their performance.
A certified Peak Performance Coach and graduate of Jack Canfield’s Train The Trainer program, Henrik is committed to talking with, instead of at, audiences.
Messages such as Walking The Talk, Being In The Zone On Demand, Conditioning A World-Class Mindset and Overcoming Obstacles are all in high demand. Because of his high-energy presentation style, Henrik sets a positive tone for conferences when he is hired as a keynote speaker.
Credibility is essential when booking a speaker and hiring a coach. Henrik gets results, earning him extremely loyal clients who hire him time and time again.
You can connect with Henrik at: [email protected]