Harley Dufek is one of the industry’s foremost real estate sales guru’s and leadership mentors. He is best known for his ability to truthfully “call a spade a spade” when it comes to letting the general public know how to find stand-out, integrity-driven agents to help them manage the purchase or sale of their biggest investment. Harley’s successful real estate career and visionary leadership legacy spans two decades.

Today, Harley’s passion is to share his real estate trade secrets with others to help them achieve their goals. He does this by merging all aspects of his fulfilling real estate career, including the founding of his own company, Exclusive Home Realty—specializing in first-class service for every client. To find out more, go to
Chris Pierard is a real estate trailblazer and frontrunner—and has a passion for the “art of the deal”. Chris has invested in stellar real estate opportunities and helps other agents buy and sell properties using the same successful instincts, ethics and principles. Chris has over 15 years successful executive level management and finance experience with companies he’s founded and launched in the Seattle area, including real estate.

What ultimately motivates Chris Pierard? The inside-industry awareness that real estate agents might be under-trained and under-motivated. Chris is concerned that agents today lack the skill and savvy to guide their clients in the single, largest financial transaction of their lives. Chris’s passion is to shake up the status-quo and provide the smartest blueprint possible for everyone to identify the best real estate agents out there. And, Chris excels in the art of negotiating. He shares these critical skills far and wide because he wants the best and brightest real estate agents to profit from his knowledge base.