Presentation – Gunnar Andri Thorisson
Professional Speaker – Entrepreneur – Business Coach – Author

About Gunnar Andri
Gunnar Andri Thorisson was born in 1967 in Reykjavík, Iceland.
Gunnar Andri has been working in sales for many years and has sold a number of products, services and ideas. He has been awarded various recognitions and acknowledgements over the years and has appeared on all major radio and television programmes in Iceland.
Gunnar Andri has helped individuals and companies in Iceland to achieve maximum sales results and objectives in sales since 1997, the founding year of his company, SGA.
Gunnar Andri has provided advice, courses and seminars for companies in all sectors. Among his clients are financial institutions, insurance companies and telecommunication firms.
Gunnar Andri has founded several companies in various sectors, all of which have achieved splendid results, and he has been a guest lecturer at Reykjavík University on numerous occasions.
Gunnar Andri is the founder of and, the largest online discount club in Iceland. Gunnar Andri also owns, an information hub on Iceland’s theatre life.
Gunnar Andri released the audiobook “55 Tips On How To Be Effective in Services” and it has gained great popularity in Iceland.
Currently, Gunnar Andri is expanding his ventures from the Icelandic local market into global business, due to the Internet’s global reach. More information can be found on
Gunnar Andri’s goal is to help as many people as possible, worldwide and throughout all fields and businesses, professional and personal.
Gunnar Andri lives by the following motto:
“Our common goal is that you do well”.