Pastor Gloria Taylor-Boyce is the author of the books Why Are You Here? and Watt’s in Your Hands. A writer of occupational health and safety material by profession and now an ordained minister, Pastor Taylor-Boyce is a team builder who possesses amazing leadership skills and is a strategic and long-range planner and lover of emerging and advancing technology. She has more than 25 years of occupational health and safety experiences.

Pastor Taylor-Boyce is a consummate values-driven professional with a reputation
for driving quantifiable advances for her organization. She and her husband, Pastor
Ralph Boyce, are pastors of the church Zoe Ministries International—Canada. (www.

For her work in occupational health and safety, Gloria was featured in numerous
health and safety magazines and was nominated to receive the Canadian National’s
Railways President’s Awards for Excellence. As a matter of fact, Pastor Gloria Boyce
cornered the rail industry with respect to the development of occupational health
and safety training material with organizations such as Canadian National Railway,
Canadian Pacific Railway, Ontario Northland Railway, Via Rail and Canadian Pacific
Railway Soo Line.

Gloria Taylor-Boyce started her early education in the Caribbean and then moved to
Ottawa where she became a registered nurse. She is also a graduate of the Labour
College University of Ottawa, class of 1991. She has worked on a number of election
campaigns in Ottawa, Nova Scotia and Brampton. Gloria and her family live in
Brampton where she serves in executive positions on a number of committees. Gloria
also serves in her community and has held positions of director and also co-chair on
the local training board.

The first Sunday in every month Pastor Gloria Taylor-Boyce conducts a series of online
lectures called “Millionaire Consciousness Expansion.” Please join her every first
Sunday of the month from 8 to 10 p.m. EST. To hear the lecture series by telephone
on our conference call line, call 1-712-432-0075, use pass-code 793755# or 1-805-
360-1075, then enter 712-432-0075# and pass-code 793755#.

Pastor Ralph Boyce and Pastor Gloria Taylor-Boyce are ordained pastors of Zoe Ministries
International—Canada, a prophetic church located in Ontario, Canada. They are
ministers of God after God’s own heart. They are also prophets in the Prophetic Order
of Mar Elijah. Pastor Ralph Boyce and Pastor Gloria Taylor-Boyce are builders of the
kingdom of God and love God’s people. They are lifestyle coaches and motivational
speakers. They are also communication specialist masters and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) masters/trainers. Their desire is that God (the great architect of the
universe) would use them mightily in building his kingdom through the globalization
of the prophetic.

ZOE Ministries International-Canada has weekly prophetic church services on Thursdays
and Saturdays starting at 8 p.m. EST. You can listen in on these live interactive
services and/or the rebroadcast which run 24/7, by telephone on the Telephone Conference Call line: 1-712-432-0075, pass-code 793755# or 1-805-360-1075, then
enter 712-432-0075# and pass-code 793755#. You can also join us from anywhere around the world, via the Internet using Skype contact is: feeconferencing, pass-code 793755#.

Contact information: Zoe Ministries International—Canada, c/o Pastor Ralph H. Boyce,
3938 Cottrelle Blvd., P.O. Box 80069 Brampton, Ontario, Canada L6P 2W7. Telephone:
1-800-441-0239 or 1-905-794-7358.