Glen Oaks began his career in the insurance and financial services field in 1981. From the beginning Glen sought top quality training in all aspects of life and health insurance and related topics. He obtained his “Fellow” designation from the Life Underwriters Training Counsel (LUTC). He is a member of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors today (NAIFA). He continues to attend workshops and educational classes related to his field.
In 2010 Glen joined the Wealth and Wisdom Institute which is a growing number of professionals from across the country who are deeply concerned about the direction this country is headed and the financial impact it is having. In 2011 Glen qualified to be an Authorized Advisor for Pamela Yellen’s organization, Bank On Yourself.
Glen enjoys teaching people how money works in their lives. He aspires to be known as someone who can help people get from where they are to where they want to be financially. Many times this comes about by capturing money they are transferring away from themselves and growing it in tax favored accounts for their future. He believes people can achieve their financial goals without taking unnecessary risk. He uses his training and tools to help people get on the right track.
Glen and his staff are available to speak at your organization or your business on the challenges people face in today’s financial world. He offers educational events from 20 to 90 minutes in length. These events reveal the strategies that lead to financial success.
Glen founded Financial Security Management Agency, Inc. in 1986, as an independent agency where agents can shop for the best product(s) that meet their client’s needs. The agency represents several top rated insurance carriers that provide those products. The goal of the agency is to provide peace of mind through safe money options and financial security by utilizing the right strategies and products.
The agency website is where there are educational materials available to help people realize their financial goals.