Success has many fathers and digital imaging is no exception. If you took a poll among those who where present, you would often find Georgia McCabe nominated for the list of significant contributors in the development of mass market digital photography. She has played the role of market visionary, evangelist and active participant in most of the major developments that would eventually lead to the complete coalescence of mass market photography, personal computers and the internet.

At Kodak in the early ‘90s, she uniquely recognized the tremendous effect that high quality digitized film images would have on the then developing world of desktop computing. She evangelized her vision with the likes of Bill Gates, John Scully and Steve Jobs, demonstrating the tremendous influence that personal imaging would have on the desktop computing market.

She then leveraged these developments and formed a company that developed the technology and services to enable extremely large image collections like those at Time Warner, The Walt Disney Company, Conde Nast Publications and The New York Daily News to economically convert literally millions of existing historical images to digital form and make them readily available to the exploding population of new web consumers.

Finally, in 2000 she joined FujiFilm USA and returned to her roots in the computing and consumer photography markets. At Fuji, she was instrumental in making internet photo sharing and 1 hour web to retail printing an everyday experience in the consumer digital photo market.

Always on the lookout for market dislocations resulting from “the next wave” of technology, today Georgia is excited about the terrific new opportunities that will result from the confluence of a truly connected world and the exploding consumer participation in social media. She is confident that consumer photography and personal pictures will again play a central role in changing the landscape as we know it. A true digital imaging market pioneer and a sophisticated marketing professional, Georgia has the skill and vision to put a personal face on technology and make it relevant to virtually any audience.

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