George Faatz a 25 year resident of Virginia is a small businessman and entrepreneur who has been involved with many cutting edge concepts and ideas. From pioneering ecologically innovative business ventures to handicapped accessible residential remodeling, George has a wide range of business experience. When evaluating a new business opportunity, George always asks, “Who benefits? Who can this help? Is this project good for all the parties involved? Does the project represent the highest integrity and intent?” George has a history of volunteering in his Community, Civic League and Church Men’s Ministry.

George’s message for his clients is that you can get control of your debt; you can get control of your checkbook. Using simple financial strategies that were once only available to the wealthy, you can learn to Bank on Yourself, and become financially set for life.
George’s question for you is simple, “Are you willing to take a fresh look at how you manage your finances and discover how to ‘recycle your equity and recapture the interest’ you are currently paying others”. George teaches you how to regain control and create an intergenerational legacy for your family.