George Cormack is the CEO and head trainer of the
U2 Fitness Centre in Warrnambool, Australia. George is
known for his no-nonsense approach to training clients.
George trains people to not only lose weight, but also to
change their lifestyles. His passion for exercise has seen
him take on challenges against much younger opponents, yet come away
successful almost every time. At the age of 59, he is still able to keep his
fitness age at 19.
George grew up in Scotland, the eldest of four sons. He was educated in
the public system, but school was not really a focus in his life. His home
life took center stage, as his father was a brutal man, who demanded fear
of him, whether right or wrong was being done. George is the definition of
perseverance, as he does not let anything from his childhood hinder his ability
to help others now.
George’s love for fitness came from necessity. His passion started with running.
(In his younger days, running from fear of attack.) In school, the battle between
the Catholics and Protestants was prominent. “I still carry those visible scars
from attacks, not to mention the emotional scars,” he honestly admits.
George played competitive soccer, hockey, and badminton. In his Young
Farmers days, he excelled to become the Young Farmer of the Year in 1971.
George moved to Australia in 1974, to work on a 20,000-acre property and
play competitive soccer. He quickly became a force in the soccer world in
Australia — playing, coaching, and promoting the game. His success led to
regular radio, TV, and writing for newspapers.
George’s life has had many twists and turns, but with his determination and
strong focus to keep the road ahead clear, he has succeeded in having a major
impact in people’s lives. He became a fitness professional out of need, but
has been no less dedicated. His health issues, with an Acoustic Neuroma, led
him to take care of his body more than ever. Being a father of four children,
he knew he had to be the breadwinner. He worked long hours, trained hard,
and loved hard.
When his marriage to the mother of his children fell apart, George sought and
found a close relationship with God. To this day, that unfettered relationship
provides him with unlimited energy to serve his clients and children alike. “You
are never alone when you have Jesus in your life,” he proudly says.