Gayle Abbott, President and CEO, Strategic Alignment Partners, Inc. and Mind Soul Academy works with boards of directors, executives, leaders, high potentials and teams to fulfill more of their potential and facilitate their achieving their strategic initiatives and practical performance results. She is passionate about helping people and organizations move to new levels on their journey. In doing this, she uses her sixth sense, practical business techniques & tools, the esoteric sciences and her expertise in people, communication, critical thinking, practical results and business strategy and execution to help move individuals and organizations to the next level of performance. She is an entrepreneur and leader who has run a successful company for over 20 years. She has recently been quoted in several articles in CBS MoneyWatch, Business and CEO Update. She has been published in the magazine, Dollars and Sense. She has co-authored several books and has a book coming out in the summer of 2013. Ms. Abbott has delivered speeches on such topics as “Achieving Your Summit: Strategies for Personal and Career Success”, “Strategic Alignment for Increased Productivity and ROI,” “Selecting and Retaining Top Performing Talent in a Competitive Market”, “Using Competencies to Develop and Get Better Results through People”, “It’s Not What You Know but What You Do”, “Increasing Your Leadership Effectiveness”. Ms. Abbott has served as an adjunct faculty member at Marymount University and American University. She has her BA from American University and her MBA from Loyola College. She has won several awards for outstanding leadership over the years and has been listed in Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in the South and Southwest, Who’s Who in Finance and Industry and Who’s Who in American Women. She is TriMetrix® HD certified and a member of TTI’s Chairman’s Club. On her journey she has experienced extensive personal growth and achieved her successes to this point by seeing the opportunities in and overcoming a variety of life challenges such as the bad manager, divorce, being widowed unexpectedly, and financial challenges to name a few. She has learned that while we are continually learning and growing that if we leverage our gifts and get on the right path for ourselves there’s no end to the possibilities of what we can do and contribute. A few of her other passions include spending time with her daughter and their two Husky’s, travel, reading, visiting museums, and being in the outdoors whether by water, in the woods or by mountains.