Dr. Gayle Carson CSP CMC is President of the Carson Research Center, which provides management consulting and executive coaching, to senior executives. She is affectionately knows as “Dr. Gayle, S.O.B. the Spunky Old Broad.” Dr. Gayle works with “boomer” women to show them the 9 secrets to living a regret free life, focusing on health, wealth and lifestyle. Dr. Gayle is the Author of “Winning Ways: How To Get To The Top and Stay There,” and her new book, “How To Be An S.O.B. – A Spunky Old Broad Who Kicks Butt,” gives “boomer” women 13 S.O.B. Tips that are guaranteed to send their life on an upward spiral of happiness, fulfillment and new adventures.


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Watch America's PremierExpert, Dr. Gayle Carson, discuss life over fifty and the "9 Steps to a Regret Free Life".