Gary Levesque is one of Canada’s top Business Consultants, a Best-Selling Author, and the founder of Entrepreneur Soldier, an organization dedicated to assisting retiring Military personnel return to civilian life by empowering them to grow successful businesses. As a 24-year veteran of the Royal Canadian Air Force, and as an accomplished business consultant, Gary has a
unique skill set which fuels his life’s passion: helping Soldiers. Gary is also known as the creator of the Marketing Sniper System — which helps business owners zero in on their ideal business targets quickly.
A graduate of the Royal Military College of Canada in Business back in 2000, he also studied Economics in Quebec City in the 80’s, Commerce & Trade in Halifax, NS during the 90’s and Marketing in Kingston, ON and Winnipeg, MB in the early 2000’s. Known as a problem solver throughout his military career, Gary has taken his knowledge and experience from both his military and business lives in order to thoroughly analyze his successes (and failures), and brought to life simple and effective business systems that entrepreneurs of all experience levels can implement.
He has spent much of his business career proving his theories in the small business world. During the last three years, with the help of some of his millionaire friends, Gary has been assembling a multitude of business lessons into specific courses. Many of these courses are aimed at helping the NEW businessperson with little to no business experience. Gary has created a building block approach to business systems for folks just like him.
Today, his passion for marketing drives him to seek out the best techniques in the industry and boil them down — so the layperson can use and implement them quickly to maximize return on Investment (ROI). Gary teaches a course entitled “Leadership thru Passion: An Emotional key to Success!” combining his experience as a military trained leader and instructor. His personal journey is no different than anyone else’s – filled with ups and downs…successes and failures. Through that journey he has developed a unique approach to simplifying problems down to 1 or 2 basic factors… and then conquering them.
As the first Canadian Certified Business Advisor for Glazer-Kennedy Inner Circle (GKIC), Gary is a results-driven individual who now teaches No B.S. business practices in Victoria, BC. When he isn’t teaching marketing or studying the markets for advanced techniques, Gary can be found spending time with his wife Lisa and their two dogs once he is off the ice from playing hockey in the winter, or golfing in the summer.
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